This is exactly what I needed in my life. I loved working with Claudia because she is so nonjudgmental which made me comfortable to work through some difficult hurdles. I also loved being able to start from the base of why I exist and my core to find what I should do in life. This is really the key to finding happiness and being true to myself and being intentional and Claudia helped me find what that is and what I want in life and gave me the confidence to go for it.
— Remmie
The vision, values and gremlin sessions were the most impactful part of my coaching sessions with Claudia. They allowed me to think in a way that I never have. They are easy enough to implement and continue assessing forever. I was very pleased with my career coaching journey with Claudia!
— Oriana
Claudia exudes positive energy and provides specific tools and practical steps that I took that helped me achieve many of my most important goals. With Claudia’s help, I have found new ways of seeing certain challenges in my life. She helped me to see that what I thought was impossible- is actually possible.
— Bobby
Claudia is the epitome of the idea that coaching isn’t what a coach does, it is what she IS. Her insight in helping me identify my unique gifts has amazed me. That insight combined with her incredible breadth of marketing knowledge has given me options to market my business in ways I never would have thought of myself. The best thing about Claudia (besides her marketing savvy) is her non-judgmental, supportive, and kind demeanor - she is my best cheerleader when something positive happens AND when I need support. I highly recommend Claudia as a coach and a source of marketing and business knowledge!
— Neelam
Claudia worked with my grown son at my request. My son had developed a negative can’t do attitude about himself and life in general and was stuck in a restaurant job which was going nowhere. After his 12 weeks with Claudia, he has completely turned his life around, now with an attitude of I can do anything I want. I cannot praise Claudia enough for her ability to recognize the roadblocks and how to get past them. She was wonderful!
— Dianne
Limiting beliefs and fears have always been a huge obstacle for me. For the first time in my life I feel like I have a handle on where those beliefs are coming from and how to deal with them.
I feel far more optimistic about my future both professionally and personally. Knowing now that I have the strength and insight to work through doubts and fears and secure a happy future has been one of the most mentally transforming experiences of my life.
— Preston
Claudia helped me bring more positive energy into in my life. When I was feeling stuck in my job, my relationships, or my health, she helped me uncover and address the real fear under the surface.  She supported me while I worked through the decision to leave my old job and take my business full time.
— Lindsey
Working with Claudia has been so empowering, uplifting, and a real blessing. Each week I was given the space to bring forth any issues, concerns, and even victories I felt aligned to share. Claudia listened with an open heart and honored the space I was in. To have a coach guide me without judgement is powerful and truly what kept me moving forward with a positive outlook. I’m grateful to have had the privilege of working with Claudia and whole heartedly believe that she played a vital role in my success today!
— Jess
An important benefit that I realized was the clarity that I realized by the insightful questions that Claudia posed that help me to get clear about how I felt and what matters to me.  This enabled me to determine a path that would lead me to the result I desired. Claudia’s patience in helping me find my own solutions and journey was invaluable.
— Mollie